I am appealing to all Lightworkers to join me in the singular most difficult challenge that most of us will ever tackle. At stake is the future of Planet Earth and all of humanity.

Why is it called a Game?

A game has players, it has opponents and it has rules. For the past couple of years, I have been writing about the rules. We needed to clear ourselves of hate, anger, fear and guilt.

That said; let’s keep in sharp focus just what the Lightworker’s task is. We are about reaching critical mass to move the Collective so that an optimum number of people will awaken in time for the Shift in consciousness, purported to be-- from a wide variety of sources--in 2012. We must hold the Vision of the New World. Those who give into destructive emotions and visualize doom and gloom are part of the problem, not the solution.

Saturn entered Leo on July 17, 2005, as great stargates* are opening. This initiates a new cycle of great significance. Things are never going to be the same again.

*Stargates is a term used in conjunction with the activities of the Higher Beings who aid in the evolution of humanity by manipulating cosmic energy fields to raise the vibrations of Earth. It is analogous to opening a door, or portal, to let the new frequencies flow into this dimension.


The new Prime Time Players will undertake the task of clearing out all old programs from their cells and DNA.

This will include clearing ancient patterns from cave man days that drive an instinct to eat all we can at every opportunity because back then we never knew where the next meal was coming from (and many other racial memories).

We will also be taking on a particularly big specific challenge.

The Lightbody Activation Manual The programming at the cellular level is that we will die at some point. These scripts must be scrapped in favor of new information about shifting into the fifth dimension without dying and reincarnating. This involves activating certain of the DNA strands that remove the death message. This is just one example of the level of clearing and DNA activation that my brother, Duane Henkle, and I are referring to in our book The Lightbody Activation Manual and our second book, to be released in late 2005, The Ascension Guidebook.

The new Prime Time Players will use their consciousness to totally reprogram every cell in their bodies.

At first I wandered around my belief system trying to decide how far I could stretch the boundaries of healing and clearing. Can we really clear the death message? “What the hell. Lets just go for total healing, heal ourselves, heal our lives, heal the planet, nothing less.” Are you on board?

We need to raise the vibrations of the physical body or we will be toast in the fifth dimension.


That is the name of a movie now available on DVD. I urge Prime Time Players to get it and listen to the extra DVD. That gave me my last piece of the puzzle for playing the new game. The movie redefined addictions as anything that we keep repeating. That in turn creates neural networks. To heal, these neural networks need to be broken down and reprogrammed. The movie suggested that we do this by repeating a mantra when we first wake up in the morning while we are still in the twilight zone.

In the book I co-authored with my brother, one of the nine steps of a lightbody activation instructs you to repeat three times,

“I am the conscious master of the cells in my body. I fill each cell in my body with peace, joy and harmony.”

The first rule of the new game is for every player to repeat the mantra first thing every morning. You are more connected to the subconscious in that twilight zone of awakening. (Repeat many times during the day or night also if you wish.) Repeat it at least three times. That is the first step. Simple as that.

I am thinking that this will be very much more powerful if we have a number of Lightworkers joined as one mind with this single thought.

The rules of this Game are going to be pretty loose. Each person will have to decide what works best for them given their background and experience. You may add to the basic mantra. I add, “Every cell in my body is programmed for normal, healthful functioning.” Everyone should repeat the one basic mantra given above, however, because that ties us together in one powerful thought.


Here is another exercise you may start on.

I have successfully eliminated my long-standing problem with food sensitivities by reprogramming my cells and changing the vibrations of food I eat. You may start practicing this first step just to prime the pump for what lies ahead. Whenever you eat or drink anything, hold your hand or hands palm down over the food. Think to yourself or say aloud,

“I raise this food to my vibration. Every cell in my body is programmed to use this food for normal, healthful functioning.”
Repeat three times. If you are sensitive to energies, you will feel the energy field change. Take a minute to let the energies shift whether you feel them or not.

How do I know the energies have been changed so that I will not have a reaction? My husband does muscle testing on the food item before and after I zap it. If you do not know what that is, watch for future columns. Remember, this is for everyone, not just people with food sensitivities. Do the exercise.

If you do this in a restaurant, be discreet. They may mistake you for a Christian praying. (Oh, lighten up. That’s a joke.)

I can now eat everything without any adverse reaction. Some people with whom I shared this asked about losing weight. We’ll all have to figure that one out. We are in training camp at this point, not at the bottom of the ninth in the last game of the Series.


How do I know this? Let me tell you. I found out the shamanic way, which is not always the most pleasant of experiences. Remember, the shaman lives out guidance in living color for the tribe, village or community in very physical and unmistakably graphic ways.

A while back my husband and I went out for Sunday brunch. I sort of needed to go to the bathroom, but we were just getting ready to leave the restaurant so I decided to wait until I got home. Huge mistake. Home was twenty miles away and it turned out to be the trip from hell. You’ve seen the TV commercial. “You gotta go. You gotta go right now!” I was screaming. I was crying. I was praying to every deity in all of creation. I was cursing. I did not want to have “something nasty” happen in the car. I begged my husband to go 200 miles an hour. It was excruciating. I was barely hanging on through sheer will alone.

When we were a block from home, I screamed that I would never make it to the house. I ordered Don to rush into the garage and get the yellow plastic bucket. I suffered the ultimate humiliation over a plastic bucket in broad daylight in the middle of the driveway. (The neighbors across the street were throwing a backyard barbecue for their church.) That is how I got the information that an intestinal cleanse is part of the Game. Does that qualify for giving one’s all for God and country?

It was only days before synchronicity confirmed that we indeed needed to do the intestinal cleanses to adjust to the new vibrations. Metaphysical sites on the Internet were awash with the news. I’ll bet the messages did not come to THEM in such a compromising manner!

Update: Since this newsletter was first published I have received letters from several other readers who suffered similar fates. They asked their guides what it meant and they all got the same answer, DO A CLEANSE!” Do a search on the Internet and type in “cleanses” or intestinal or liver cleanse.


This first announcement of The Ready For Prime Time Players Game is just the beginning. I want to know who is ready to sign on. I am going to keep a list of names just to see how the numbers crunch. E-mail me if you want to be a Player. You do not need extensive knowledge of metaphysical or spiritual matters. You need not understand everything. None of us understands everything. Be guided by your heart and intuition. The game is open to anyone. It is up to you. Every person counts!

I leave you with this thought:

Now is the time to heal ourselves and our lives. That is how we heal the world. It is not what we do but what we become. And hey, who says we can’t just pull this off? Wouldn’t that be something!

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