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There is extensive information elsewhere on this Web site about Horary astrology, available at whatever level you want to explore the subject. However, you may cut to the chase and ask Diana a Horary question right now. If you have never called me before, you may want to read this brief review.

If you feel you are over your head on this abbreviated page of instructions, you may click here and go to EXPLORING HORARY ASTROLOGY for further explanations and guidance in asking your question. Of course, you can just as easily pick up the phone and call me. I am always available to help you in person.

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There is no Horary question until the astrologer receives and understands it so call and discuss your situation.

Do not bother me with the time you thought of it last year, the time you wrote it down before you called or leave the time when you called. Let me worry about the time of the question.

Do not send QUESTIONS by e-mail.

You may send questions by e-mail only if you live in another country or if there is any other reason that telephoning is impractical. It is always extremely preferable to call and discuss the question with me.

You CAN send me an e-mail with your phone number. If you e-mail me with your phone number, I will be very happy to call you. Tell me what time zone you are in. I have free long distance.

It is not necessary to have a perfectly worked out question.

Donít hesitate to let me help you work out the question that best gives you the information you want. I am available for as long as it takes.
Diana Stone's Horary astrology articles

A brief review of the basic guidelines

Horary astrology works best for straightforward questions of a practical nature. Except in some very special cases, it is not going to delve into the deep psychological or spiritual issues underlying your life experiences. It does not entertain frivolous questions, especially ones just to test the astrologer or to get attention. There are ethics involved and obviously there are matters that the astrologer and the client have no business asking about for various reasons. Astrologers address questions about death in only the most limited way.