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Authors' Introduction:

The Lightbody Activation Manual

This book is about activating the lightbody for the ascension into the fifth dimension in the year 2012. Humanity is in the dawn of a mass awakening of consciousness. Mother Earth is increasing her vibratory frequency. Darkness is merging into the Light. During this preparatory period both the Light and the Dark are intensified. We need not be troubled by the apparent proliferation of violence and evil. It is only within the context of acute polarities that a true choice can be made between the right or left-hand path.

The material presented here is oriented toward a direct experience designed to realign the physical body and surrounding energy field with the new frequencies. If readers avail themselves of the lightbody activation method given in this book they will resonate and respond to the initiation of a physiological process that mutates the very DNA itself.

Many readers may be moved into uncharted intellectual territory. That need not be a problem. The detailed nine-step energy method carefully explained and illustrated in this book is not primarily directed toward the intellect. There are many other levels that do respond. It really makes no difference if readers understand or even believe everything written. The method we give in this book addresses the heart and the soul. All that is necessary is an open mind and an adventurous spirit.

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Duane is Called to Hawaii

Spirit called Duane, co-author of this book, to move from his home in Santa Fe to Hawaii. The first chapters chronicle the story of Duane's three-year hiatus on the Big Island. Once in Hawaii, Duane connected with Pleiadian energies in a powerful way. First, a Pleiadian Being actually merged with Duane. This merger enabled Duane to form a deep psychic link with a small group of Pleiadian entities identifying themselves only as "The Beings." This group then communicated the lightbody activation method Duane and his partner, Betty Sherman, used to activate each other's lightbody by following their step-by-step instructions. Duane recounts their struggle to anchor into their physical bodies these powerful fifth-dimensional energies. The lightbody is the vehicle that takes us through the fifth-dimensional shift.

Directions and Illustrations

The sixth chapter of the book features a step-by-step description of the lightbody activation method. One person moves through the nine-step process within the energy field of a second person lying on a massage table or bed. The directions tell you exactly what to say and exactly what to do. There are illustrations that accompany each step. The entire process in a single session normally takes about twenty minutes. We also have an Instructional Video (VHS Tape or DVD) to guide you through the process.

Pele, Dolphin and Sea Turtle: The Crystal Triangle

The Lightbody Activation Manual Duane and Betty were guided to connect with three energies: the goddess Pele and two power animals, Dolphin and Sea Turtle. They visited various power spots in Hawaii bonding with these powerful forces, then were directed to purchase three magical crystals which would channel the energies of Pele, Dolphin and Sea Turtle. These crystals were set out around the massage table to form an energy triangle in which one lies as the nine steps are performed directly within the recipient's aura. The book gives detailed instructions about choosing your own set of crystals and programming them.

Unlike earlier lightbody activation methods, no special knowledge is required. No special training is required to do the Crystal Triangle method. No special psychic abilities are required. There is no meditation or other spiritual practices involved. The Crystal Triangle work over a period of time will activate the lightbody all on its own.

All You Need are the Instructions in this Book

When Duane returned to the Mainland, it was Diana Stone and her husband, Don Hurd, who then received instructions to "field-test" the Crystal Triangle method. Three years of hands-on experience with the energies preceded the publication of this book. Chapter seven documents the early volunteers' experiences with the method.

The Lightbody Activation Manual

Mass consciousness is the soup that is created when we take every person's individual consciousness and put it into one pot. The mass consciousness is the driving force behind world and national events, the stock market, wars, political fortunes and the general ebb and flow of our collective histories. It is the planetary consciousness that is due for a shift into the fifth dimension in 2012. The only way for that to happen is for a given percentage of the population to shift its consciousness until critical mass kick-starts the whole.

Awakened individuals along with the help from our friends in high places have already considerably shifted the mass consciousness in recent years. The Pleiadian Beings explained that this elevation of collective vibratory levels and the subsequent opening of "cosmic doorways" are the reasons that the Crystal Triangle's direct access to human energy fields is now possible. Consequently, we may now safely connect our higher-dimensional selves directly to our physical bodies. That is the ascension process.

Crystal Triangle Healing

Many individuals will need supportive therapies to take them through the many changes that often accompany the transformation of consciousness and mutations in the physical body at the cellular level. Psychiatry and medicine function within models that are not designed for proper diagnosis or treatment of many symptoms resulting from the physiological changes triggered by the lightbody activation process.

The Lightbody Activation Manual

In the last chapter, "Crystal Triangle Healing," the authors share some of the alternative tools they use in their shamanic healing work. Some are appropriate for the layperson to clear negative energies from people and places, to balance emotional and mental energies, to enhance psychic functioning, to use the pendulum to evaluate the chakra system, to clear energies after giving birth and much more. Healing therapies are enhanced when paired with the Crystal Triangle process. There is a special section for professional healers and how they can incorporate the lightbody work into their own therapies.

The critically important thing to remember when all is said and done is that we are embarking on one of the greatest adventures in the history of the planet. It is not dependent on a few great masters as has been the case in times past. This is a time of testing and choice for every person. Evil is pulling out all the stops in these final days. Stand up and be counted for the Light.

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