Chicken Little, “The sky is falling. The sky is falling.”

Are you scared??

Are you worried about current events??

Do things look hopeless??

Are you tired?

Do you constantly fight lack of motivation to do anything?

Is there any cause for hope??

Read this for the shocking answer!!

“The sky is falling.” There is a lot of fear gripping humanity’s consciousness and we do not have to look far now or into the past for the doom-and-gloom scenarios. This is not an issue that just sort of hangs out on the periphery of many, many people’s consciousness. NO WAY!

Does this apply to you?

This is an issue that is the overriding, dominant theme entirely engulfing great numbers of people in an every day struggle to deal with this emotionally. They have to fight against its paralyzing influence in order to carry on with their lives, their work and even their spiritual mission on Earth.

As a shaman and healer, I have certainly heard my share of these doubts and fears from many clients. These cases have been very difficult and frustrating. No matter how much success I may have had in healing many of their problems, there remained this immovable layer of fear or paranoia. Nothing I threw at it even made a dent, holding the person in the grip of doubt, depression and hopelessness.

Where are these irrational fears coming from?

Another thing I found perplexing were the reactions of many otherwise very enlightened people to events such as Y2K, for example. I was nonplussed by the level of panic and fear that was way out of line with any logical reaction to that particular event. Some people even advised me to wear a hard hat the day the calendar turned over to the new century!

I had already used my astrological tools to ask myself the horary question about what I needed to do to prepare for Y2K. The chart advised me to do nothing at all, and as it turned out, the chart was right. I slept at night. These same seemingly illogical overreactions continue in reaction to the latest scary thing. The doom and gloomers are out in full force. Right now the country is rife with fears even more than ever in light of the current problems. I'm not beating the drums for denial or a head in the sand attitude to very real problems. I do remind you that fear only interferes with creative solutions and strategies.

As a healer I continued to search for the answer to this problem. I finally found the answer just recently in Barbara Hand Clow’s book Catastrophobia: The Truth Behind Earth Changes in the Coming Age of Light . If you never read anything else, be sure to read this and pass it along. These are absolutely critical times in the course of humanity’s evolutionary journey and our biggest enemy is FEAR.

I never recommend books or channeled information unless I have some way to confirm its accuracy or whether it connects in some way to my own personal experience. The ideas in this book very much resonate with my experience from way back. (To order a copy, visit Barbara's web site.)

Do you carry leftover memories from Atlantis?

My brother and I have worked with many people interested in shamanic healing. Periodically we discovered that some clients had memories lying deep in their unconscious and DNA about the catastrophic destruction of Atlantis. We had this very issue to deal with ourselves. It is a long story, but you will have to wait to read all about it in my forthcoming book mentioned above. Part of preparing for ascension is to clear these and other psychic blocks -- that is what the book is all about.

When we cleared the powerfully debilitating memories around Atlantis, there was a breakthrough in these impossible cases that I referred to earlier. It definitely was proven to be a real issue. Our problem has been that we failed to recognize the universal problem that this turned out to be as well as the expanded timelines that included a great many other catastrophes than Atlantis. We did not get the overall picture about how not only single individuals reacted to these catastrophic issues, but more significantly, how entire cultures dealt with them. It turns out, such buried fear memories, implanted it in our racial memories, have effected us for generations to follow--yes, right up to our very own door step in 2008.

So what do we do about these widespread fears?

I know that most people are probably not going to rush out and buy Clow’s book. So here it is in a nut shell. The Mayan calendar marks the times of great catastrophes throughout millions of years that have visited unimaginable destruction upon this planet, even including a collision with an asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs and tilted the Earth off its vertical axis. If you lived through one of these times and were one of the few straggling humans that survived, I think it is impossible to describe the absolute terror instilled by such an event.

The memory of these catastrophes, according to Clow, lies deeply embedded in your DNA to this very day, creating the sense of utter hopelessness because of the fear of impending catastrophe that will surely come and destroy everything of your known world anyway. Sure you hate your job. Sure you can't save for the future. Why should you get out of bed every day? Why wouldn't you be depressed? Why wouldn't we question that there is any good reason to battle on? What good is it to make a difference? It happened once before, didn't it? Just look around. With all that going on deep in the subconscious, there is fertile ground for every doomsayer to hit your fear buttons.

Can this stuff be cleared out?

Synchronicity came into play. Soon after we got our heads around this huge awareness, some healing clients called me with red flags all over the place that they were unmistakably suffering from catastrophobia. So far, the psychic clearing does seem to be effectively clearing their paths for them to move on without these debilitating memories.

Even more revealing was the work I did with some healing clients with whom I have worked for several years. These folks originally presented some of the most horrible cases with which I have ever dealt. Amazing healing was accomplished after long painful struggles. Yet, this “inner monster” remained and would not budge. I have just recently cleared the ancient memories from a small handful of these clients and in short order there was the most amazing breakthroughs. It worked!

If this resonates with you and deep in your gut explains your particular life situation, what can you do? I can't answer that for each and every person. Duane and I can't clear everybody with this problem, obviously. The first thing you can do to move this along, is to recognize this as a legitimate problem!

Why do you think I have been literally begging you to open up your belief system all these years? That is why I started Project Wake-up! What good is it to find the answer only to sit back with doubt and skepticism because this is just too far out? Use your intuition. Meditate on it. Watch for synchronicity to bring you confirming signs. The universe will help you find your answers. Maybe you already know a healer who can focus on this particular layer of energies and help you clear it.

The 4D’s--myself, my husband Don, my brother Duane, and my son David--put this on the grids on June 21st. One of the ceremonies we did on Solstice Day was to tie all of our people into a network. This included the Ready for Prime time players. It included all of our healing clients. We were all tied together in Oneness. We were guided to wait to begin our journey at 4:00 PM after the “wave” around the globe tied all of humanity into Unity and Oneness. We connected our network into the larger whole and did a mass clearing of catastrophobia. It is now anchored to the earth grids and accessible to anyone. Either singly or in groups, you can, WITH INTENT, connect in a meditation with that healing energy and clear yourself.