Duane Henkle, shaman and healer

Author Duane Henkle, formerly of Santa Fe, New Mexico, now lives in Vancouver, Washington where he has a busy practice doing energy healing and the Four Activations described in this book. In addition to seeing clients personally, his network of telephone clients stretches across the United States and into other countries as well. Duane has lectured across the country, including Southwestern College in his former hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was the keynote speaker at the International Huna Conventions in 2003 and also in 2004. Vist his site, Ascension Energetics, for more information about Ascension and his services and to sign up for his newsletter: "For ascension-minded souls who know a higher world is right around the corner."

Duane co-authored The Lightbody Activation Manual (Volume 1 of The Technology of Ascension Series) with his sister, Diana Stone, and author of The Ascension Guidebook (Volume 2 of the Series).

Spirit called Duane to move from his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Hawaii. The first chapters of The Lightbody Activation Manual chronicle the story of Duane's three-year hiatus on the Big Island. Once in Hawaii, Duane connected with Pleiadian energies in a powerful way. First, a Pleiadian Being actually merged with Duane. This merger enabled Duane to form a deep psychic link with a small group of Pleiadian entities identifying themselves only as "The Beings." This group then communicated the lightbody activation method Duane and his partner, Betty Sherman, used to activate each other's lightbody by following their step-by-step instructions. Duane recounts their struggle to anchor into their physical bodies these powerful fifth-dimensional energies. The lightbody is the vehicle that takes us through the fifth-dimensional shift.

When Duane returned to the Mainland, it was Diana Stone and her husband, Don Hurd, who then received instructions to "field-test" the Crystal Triangle method. Three years of hands-on experience with the energies preceded the publication of that book. Following this, Duane's additional work with the Pleiadian Beings led to the development of the remaining Activations which he fully documented in the second volume, The Ascension Guidebook.

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