By Duane Henkle

Ascension Seekers – the book you’ve been waiting for!

The Ascension Guidebook

Duane Henkle is one of the high-profile voices in the ascension movement. This book, The Ascension Guidebook, is the second in the series: THE TECHNOLOGY OF ASCENSION. His first book, The Lightbody Activation Manual, was published in 2003, in collaboration with his sister, Diana Stone.

The Mayan Timekeepers, as well as a host of other spiritual groups around the world, confirm 2012 as the date for Earth’s ascension into the Fifth Dimension.

Since 1996, while living in Hawaii, author Duane Henkle has maintained a strong psychic connection with Pleiadian Guides who have revealed – in their words – “the Four Energy Activations that prepare Earth Beings for the coming shift to the Fifth Dimension in 2012.” And now, though the pages of this book, author Henkle shares this powerful Pleiadian knowledge with spiritual seekers everywhere.

The Four Energy Activations are:
1) Fifth Dimension Lightbody Activation
2) Sixth Dimension Activation
3) Seventh Dimension Activation
4) Ascension 12-Strand DNA Activation

It is these activations that transform your human body and energy field into the Ascension Vehicle that will carry you to the Fifth Dimension in 2012!

The good news is that anyone, even beginners, can do these activations by following the illustrated, step-by-step instructions in the book. All you need is a willing partner, so you can activate them and they can activate you.

The easy-to-follow instructions include the following information:

1) The specific crystal layout to place around the body
2) The prayer to activate the crystals
3) The prescribed pattern of movements performed in one’s energy field
4) The affirmations to speak during the activation

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Author Duane Henkle, formerly of Santa Fe, New Mexico, now lives in Vancouver, Washington where he has a busy practice doing energy healing and the Four Activations described in this book. In addition to seeing clients personally, his network of telephone clients stretches across the United States and into other countries as well. Duane has lectured across the country, including Southwestern College in his former hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was the keynote speaker at the International Huna Conventions in 2003 and also in 2004. Vist his site, Ascension Energetics, for more information about Ascension and his services and to sign up for his newsletter: "For ascension-minded souls who know a higher world is right around the corner."