Who is Diana Stone Anyway?


Writing a biography for Diana Stone ain't for sissies! She is a woman who wears many hats. However, there is one thing we know for sure.


"Something" happened as she drove down the main freeways of life, guided by the big green highway signs that others were following with confidence. That "something" led off at the next exit, and redirected her life journey to the Road Less Traveled.


From there on she embraced the nontraditional, the unbelievable and the alternative. Yes, it is a formidable task to capture the range of her knowledge and experience, delivered throughout this website with her signature warmth and humor.


The daisy is symbolic of increasing awareness, creativity and inner strength. It reminds us that through creativity anything can be created and accomplished.


Diana wears the astrologer's hat. She maintained a busy international practice by phone for 40 years. She retired in 2012 to devote more time to writing. She is currently working on an astrology book, A 21st Century Model for Astrological Counselors. - Estimated publishing in 2016.


Nevertheless, Diana leaves big footprints in the astrological community through her articles, books and workshops in many cities. She is especially remembered for her keynote speeches that brought audiences to their feet in standing ovations for over 20 years.


Beginning in the 1960s, Diana undertook a life-long study of Huna, the healing practices of the ancient Polynesian kahuna. She was certified as a teacher of the ancient craft in 1982. For many years, Diana served a worldwide ministry as a shaman healer, specializing in soul retrieval and psychic past life therapy.


Diana worked with a Spirit Teacher from the Higher Realms for 13 years. This laid down the model for the Western 21st-century shaman, a subject she writes about extensively in her book published in 2012 and available on this website.


Along with her brother, Duane Henkle, she is a voice in the ascension movement since 1999. They worked with Pleiadian ETs to bring through a new method for activating the lightbody. They coauthored the trilogy of books THE TECHNOGY OF ASCENSION.


They coauthored the first in the series, The Lightbody Activation Manual. In 2012, Diana completed  her 550-page tome Playing The Ascension Game : A Twenty-First Century Shaman of Great Power and Humor Shepherds you Through the Third Dimension Step-By-Step to Multidimensional Consciousness.


Her book The United States Wheel of Destiny or Spiritual Destiny of America charted her three-year research of the birth chart of the United States. This book will be greatly expanded and republished under the title The Best Damn Birth Chart of the United States.


She contributed to three anthologies in the Llewellyn New World Series edited by Noel Tyl. Previously, she wrote two online columns–an astrology column for www.themeta.arts.com and a Horary column for The Astrology Guild. The articles have been archived at those sites.


She continues to publish her own free e-newsletter, which observed its 10th anniversary in 2013. It is available by email. It draws on her vast knowledge of metaphysical subjects, and is always instantly recognizable by their unique wisdom and incomparable wit.


The creative use of Games in the free newsletter serves as an ongoing teaching vehicle for readers at every level.


Diana is greatly loved and respected for her openness concerning personal struggles with a crippling disease and life as a shut-in. Her courageous journey and boundless compassion are greatly inspiring for the lightworkers on the planet, who must also cope with difficult life missions.


Aside from her writing projects, Diana continues her practice as a Horary astrologer. She also continues to work extensively with awakened lightworkers, shaman and healers coping with the psychophysiological transformation process.


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Diana Stone is a professional astrologer and practicing shaman who has served a private clientele since the 1960s. She maintains an international network via telephone consultations from her office in Vancouver, Washington. For many years, she has practiced advanced techniques of Natal Astrology and relationship counseling. She developed a powerful interview model for use by professional practicing astrological counselors. She now specializes in horary astrology.

Diana Stone, Astrologer

Diana co-authored The Lightbody Activation Manual, with her brother, Duane Henkle. Her book on the US horoscope, The United States Wheel of Destiny, was published in 1976. She contributed to three anthologies in the Llewellyn New World Series edited by Noel Tyl. Previously, Diana had two monthly columns that appeared online -- her astrology column at www.themetaarts.com and her horary astrology column for The Astrology Guild. The columns have been archived at those sites.

She regularly publishes her own free newsletter, which is available by e-mail

Diana has traveled extensively, lecturing and teaching. For fifteen years, she was a featured keynote speaker at NORWAC, the annual astrology conference in Seattle. In July, 2002, she was honored by being named the keynote speaker at the prestigious United Astrology Conference. In 2003 and 2004, she was keynote speaker at the Huna World Conference.

Diana brings to her astrological and shamanic work an extensive background of study in psychology, healing and metaphysics. She trained for three years as a Director of Psychodrama, a type of group therapy. She attended the Columbia Institute in Portland, Oregon studying Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy. She was certified in 1982 by Huna Work, Int. as a teacher of the ancient shamanism of the Polynesian kahuna. She maintains a practice as a healer/shaman specializing in soul retrieval at a distance and clearing earth energies. She also is a psychic past life therapist. She works extensively with other healers and counselors coping with the psychophysiological transformation process.

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Who is Diana Stone???

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Vol. 2 - The Ascension Guidebook, Duane's second book with further channeled activations and information.

Vol. 3 - Playing the Ascension Game by Diana Stone - A guidebook for navigating the 3rd dimension to a higher consciousness. This is a reference textbook to be kept close at hand which is auto-biographical. It will keep you laughing.

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