This is a special section of the Web site. I publish Diana Stone’s FREE newsletter. Many new subscribers climb aboard on nearly a daily basis. I welcome all newcomers, but that presents a problem with historical material and continuing themes with which they are unfamiliar. It is not practical to continually repeat the same material over and over again. In answer to many requests from readers, I am dedicating this part of the Web site to “position papers” that explain in greater depth some of the fundamental philosophies.

Now if I catch some of you guys who are NOT newsletter subscribers sneaking in here and reading this stuff, I am going to have to come over there.

1. The 21st Century Wounded Healer : An Autobiobraphy
This is an article about the souls whose mission in this life is to change the Western medical paradigm to a healing model by incorporating alternative therapies by taking on wounding the healing of which must be explored beyond contemporary medicine. Are you enlightened yet others lay a guilt trip on you because you are sick? Are you a wounded healer? Time to wake up!

2. The Shadow: An adventure with the Dark Side
An adventure tale about Diana and her shaman group’s horrific experience with the Dark Forces ending with a surprise twist. This was written on St. Patrick’s Day. Blarney or Universal Truth? Do you know which? If you can find a leprechaun and torture him, he may tell you (Oh, lighten up, that means tickling).

3. Horary Question: Should I accept the job offer?
This example horary chart as one that is frequently asked. See how the chart is analysed!

4. Diana's Vision "Voices in the River"
Turning to help out your fellow travelers.

I will be adding more articles on topics of interest from time to time. Please refer to this section to find new postings. I may also include a "Horary Chart of the Month" as instructional material for those with technical interest.