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Dianaís Stoneís FREE Newsletter is published when I feel like it, when I have time and when there is something of special interest. I like to hear from readers and I answer all e-mails myself. And to those idiots who send me junk mail about acquiring a home loan, growing a larger penis, discount meds from Canada and other annoying spam? Thanks for testing the Laws of Forgiveness and your mother wears army boots.


Bringing Spirit down to Earth

Donít look for the latest quotes from the stock market here. Donít look for the latest hurricane warnings. You canít go shopping or buy anything here. You will not receive renewal notices; itís free. There is nothing naughty that you would not want your mother to read.


The general theme of the newsletter is alternative spirituality, cutting-edge metaphysics and the Ascension Shift into the fifth dimension in 2012. It addresses a population seriously interested in astrology, metaphysical subjects and those who are also committed to awakening in consciousness to a New Reality-Ėpeople referred to as lightbeings and/or lightworkers.

This newsletter has deliberately been apolitical since its inception in 2002. It isn't that lightbeings are necessarily disinterested in politics, or other areas of secular life, for that matter. In fact, their energy is best involved somewhere in the outer world. However, it is always within the context of moving the Collective further into the light.

Year 2009 kicked off a whole new cycle

It was from this perspective that I repeatedly urged all lightworkers to purge their own hearts of hate, anger, fear, critical judgment and any other negativity to clear the way for the Collective to elect a person of the Light.

Shortly after the election--on November 13, 2008--there was an evolutionary shift in the Mayan calendrical system. As December 2008 rolled around, there were other extraordinarily significant special dates punctuating humanityís evolution toward a new consciousness and a new earth. In January, an eclipse kicked off the New Year, 2009.

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Year 2009 was, therefore, perfectly poised to open out onto a whole new cycle of tremendous significance for the entire planet. The newsletter will continue to track these fast moving energies and shifting vibrations. As an astrologer, I track the cycles important to individuals, groups and nations.

As a 21st century shaman, I am among the shock troops that immediately experience the changing frequencies. Moreover, if you communicate with my many readers, the first thing they will tell you about me is my outrageous sense of humor. Why not have some fun along the way? A recruiter will call.

Ready to participate in a virtual Community of Light? Are you a lightworker ready to stand tall during these times of crisis? Directions for joining The Intergalactic Federation of Electrical Workers, Local Union #2012, will be forthcoming in future newsletters as the year unfolds. (No meetings. No union dues. Lifetime benefits.)

Is it late at night? You canít sleep? Then click here for letters from readers. You will be amazed to read about other brothers and sisters on the Path who also need reassurance from time to time that they are not crazy.

Testimonial from reader: "I love getting your letters as they bring me back to base and make me think and see things from a spiritual point of viewÖplus I LOVE your stories and humour, so donít change one bit.Ē Betty in Canada