Diana Stone has been involved with shamanic work since the 1960s when she took up the study of Huna, the healing practices of the ancient Hawaiian shaman/kahuna. She is certified as a teacher of the Huna lore by Huna Research, Inc. with headquarters in Cape Girardeau, MO. Diana provides her shamanic healing ministry to people all over the world. Other than some local clients, she works at a distance and there is no need to see her in person.

An example of a case from Diana's email newsletter:

What would happen if the Center for Disease Control were to suddenly announce that a terrible epidemic is raging out of control? Of course the public would want to find out everything about it. What are the symptoms? How do you get it? Is there a cure?

Tragically, there IS an epidemic causing great suffering and ruining lives. You will never hear about this one from the Center for Disease Control or see it on CNN Headline News. It can strike anyone, even you, even me. However, fear and ignorance push the reality of this situation into the dark realm of myth, magic, and superstition.

What is it? It is nothing you can see. You can't spot it on an x-ray or MRI. The most sophisticated blood tests will never reveal it. You won't see it because it isn't there. That is the problem.

This is a situation where a piece of the psyche splits off and departs at the time of a deeply traumatic experience.

The only way to diagnose and treat the problem is by psychic healing or special hypnotherapy techniques. The process is traditionally known as soul retrieval. Until recently this was the sole realm of the shaman. Cutting edge psychologists now understand this to be a true phenomenon and routinely treat these cases successfully. "Soul" in this context refers to the psyche. Western psychology would regard this as a dissociated aspect of consciousness.

Symptoms of SOUL LOSS

Who are my clients and why do they come for soul retrieval work? Some people sense that something is missing in their lives. They report low energy, lack of purpose and motivation, and no inner fire or joy. They frequently feel that they are living an empty life. Various psychological and physical disorders may develop. No mistake about it, the symptoms can be severe. Often victims have done deep work to get themselves together. They can't understand why they are cut off from their Higher Selves unable to manifest and create the life they want.

What causes a missing piece to leave? The astral body is involved in performing the basic functions of life. A significant trauma is needed for the disconnection to occur. Traumas cause a breach in your energy system, a temporary collapse in the etheric and astral defense mechanisms. A part escapes through these astral "cracks."

How do clients respond to soul retrieval healing? Well, I am reminded of a movie I saw recently on television. John Borman's Excaliber is a powerful telling of Camelot and the King Arthur legend. In one scene, Parcifal brings the Holy Grail to the dying king who drinks from the cup. He is miraculously revived and declares, "I didn't know how empty my soul was until it was filled!"

Call me for more information (360-546-2497).

of Shamanic Journeys and Psychic Healing

A distraught and desperate sister contacts me on behalf of her brother. He has suffered from severe symptoms since the age of two or three. He is caught in the hells of severe depression and anxiety. He has terrible night terrors and suffers from loss of sleep. He has lost a lot of weight and doesn't eat. He can't work. He is just plain miserable. Nothing helps him. He is seeing a psychiatrist and taking all kinds of medications that don't help but only add a laundry list of side effects on top of everything else. As I speak with his sister, I feel the familiar tingling in my body signaling that this is a case for shamanic healing. I assure her that we will take the case and we expect that it will help him. I pray that I am right.

I work with him at a distance. I close my eyes and go to my healing place in an alternate reality. I secure permission from his Higher Self to proceed. I protect myself from negative influences and call in my allies and helpers; Wolf, Tiger, guides, Archangel Michael, and any other being willing to assist. I psychically bring him into view. He sits with his head in his hands in a state of utter despair.

I say my usual prayer and get down to work. I am catapulted into non-ordinary reality and begin my journey of exploration on the man's behalf. I am taken to another time and another life. There he is a retarded boy in his mid-teens. He has fallen under the influence of a Satanic cult in which he is abused and terrified. I follow the cords of time as he enters into the womb in this life. The cords of fear, confusion, and attachment from the previous life invade the developing fetus.

A sense of outrage engulfs me. I take my sword and slash away at the cords. I bring in the power of the Light and swaddle the unborn baby in it, clearing the cellular memories. I return to the grown man in my healing rooms. With my Spirit Helpers, we begin the task of clearing him. We bring healing into his body at all levels. I return to ordinary reality. A half hour has passed. It is December 14, 2001 and the first of three journeys stretching over two months. (It took a lot of courage for Robert and his sister to trust non-traditional solutions to their problems!)

I call his sister and report on my adventure. His life-long night terrors cease immediately. On March 12, 2002 I receive this e-mail from his sister:

"Just wanted to let you know that Robert is doing well…..He is having second interviews for jobs this week……hooking up with old friends.…..responding well to therapy..….tapering off his sleep aids this week…… Finally he is sleeping…He has gained 18 pounds since January. He has become such a different person in the last two months. Thank you for everything you have done for us."

The final confirmation came from his mother. She told me that when he was a baby, she was cradling him in her lap. He was a very beautiful and bright baby. All of a sudden his face changed and she saw the face of a retarded boy. That was 40 years ago but she never forgot it because she feared he might really be retarded. It is typical to have signs to confirm the reality of the story.

That is just one of the nearly 100 cases I worked on last year. Most of them are successfully resolved or well on their way. Hard to believe? Just hocus-pocus? Not scientifically proven? Am I crazy? Just the power of suggestion? Merely coincidence? Who gives a damn, they got well.

Scheduling Your Own Shamanic Healing Sessions

If, like the situations described above, you are dealing with issues that seem to resist resolution by traditional practices or therapies, many people have found deep healing from soul retrieval work. You need to call or e-mail Diana with your phone number. If after a psychic investigation this work is not appropriate for you, there is no fee.

What Does It Cost?

Shamanic healing sessions by phone take about one to two hours. The fee is $100. This includes a powerful Hawaiian healing ritual, a clearing of negative energies and a soul retrieval. Follow-up sessions are available for $100. Payment may be by check, money order, VISA, Master Card or PayPal.

For details,visit the services page.

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