Letter from a Horary Client
Re: her question about an investment

"I promised to update you on the accuracy of your horary reading of my mutual fund, and while I wish I could report that your predictions were wrong -- unfortunately -- for most of us -- they were actually spot on.

"You warned that the 1st week of September would bring a financial meltdown of my particular fund and what we have seen this past week in an unprecedented financial meltdown that would have, according to the calculation of my broker, lost me another $10- $14 K.

"So I am very happy that I followed your advice. I look forward to speaking with you about this (new question about an investment) concern. At this point, I think you will be able to give me better advice than any financial analyst out there (unless she or he has some serious astrological background) "

And here's one from another client who asked about her retirement fund:

"The news about AIG was so bad yesterday that I was once again grateful that I asked you to do that horary about whether to move my account from there. I had my retirement fund at AIGóa small one, but itís all I have. When the first headlines about it being in trouble came out last fall, I asked you whether I should move it to a FDIC insured IRA at my bank. In the horary chart, you saw several very bad indicators of losing my money if I kept it at AIG. The minute I got off the phone with you, I headed for the bank to make the transfer, and within an hour, papers for the transfer were complete.

"The headlines yesterday were that no one appears to be in charge at AIG, they are asking for a fourth government bailout, and the government is thinking of pulling the plug on AIG altogether. I slept well last night, knowing my retirement funds were safe in my bank's FDIC insured IRA. Iíve turned to you a number of times when I had to make decisions about very serious financial issues, and youíve always been right." Donna

Letter from a Repeat Horary Client

"The best way to cultivate a horary client is to be right the first time!!

"First, I want to thank you for your constant perceptiveness. After the last time I talked with you about the trip to Vietnam to consult, it turns out that literally the day after I talked with you about the chart, I had gotten an e-mail from my friend and contact, telling me that the CEO had been really positive, excited about me going over to support their work. Then literally the day before you and I talked, she suddenly decided that she would go a different direction.

"In a nutshell, I did not - and will not - go to Vietnam to do consulting work. Turns out (not surprisingly for you, I suspect) that I am somewhat glad that it didn't work out. My classes and other work are keeping me quite busy and I would not have wanted to go all the way over there to not work effectively. So, thank you.

"Secondly, I have another question for a chart, I would like to ask. As I am adjusting to a different life style and a reduced income level with retirement, I am finding that I am struggling more (like most people these days) to make my mortgage payment. I am doing ok still, but know that my house is far bigger than I need now that my kids are all (finally) on their own and I have thought about selling my current home and downsizing. I know, however, that right now is a lousy time to sell a house.

"My question (I think) is this: should I put my house on the market for sale within the next couple of months?"

Letter from a Client in Africa

The following letter is from a client working in Africa at a guest lodge on a game preserve. This is an example of how I work with questions that come by e-mail.
"Hi Diana,

"Basically things are doing just as you predicted. You were right, some of the senior staff are not the nicest to work with. The long hours would be ok if there were a more congenial working group. Sarah feels the same. The animals, which is both our draw here, are still prolific.

"You know what you said about something to do with the government here (Africa)? Well, the President died and the elections are coming up and the one who looks like he will get in does not like foreigners, so work permits may not be extended. Mine ends Jan 3, so Iím trying to get a line on decisions.

"The time of year is not good to find something in the North. I would ideally like to find an Inn sitter, caretaker position on a guest ranch or etc. so there would be no rent. I will formulate a question and send it off to you. Cheers!" Shelly

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Note: I welcome feedback from my clients about the situations described by the Horary question--there is always more to learn. If I have done a Horary chart for you, please write to me and let me know what happened. If you permit, we can even add your letter to this page so people can learn more about how this technique works.